Who we are

Sparsh - "Touching Lives. Changing Destinies"

We are a NGO who are devoted in achieving our mission of “Touching Lives and Changing Destinies.” Our team has a common vision of reaching the unreached and the untouched in a practical way. Based out of Pune, we want to change the view of the city in terms of making the city free of drugs, prostitution and poverty. We believe that every person deserves change and improvement in their lives. Aiming to give women dignity in life and igniting self – esteem in them so that they can stand on their own. Providing hope in the hopeless situation of people who are under the addiction of drugs, bound to serve as sex slaves and mainly focusing on children who are in the sex trade or living in the slums.


We at Sparsh are committed to touching lives of women and children who have been trafficked, children who live on the streets and those who have addiction problems. We rescue, empower and seek transformation in their lives.


Sparsh seeks to build a community of hope, wherein, transformation is the watchword for the women and children trafficked. Our aim towards street children and for persons suffering from addiction problems is to make them self – reliant, people of character, dignified, healthy and also to help them obtain sustainable quality of life by providing them shelter, education, skill training, spiritual growth and development.